2023 Exhibition at YYZ Artists’ Outlet. Exhibition essay by Simon Fuh. Supported by Canada Council for the Arts.


2023 Found bricks

NL Classifieds

2023 Life raft, whale ear bone


2023 A tin can of fog

10,000 years every spring

2023 Iceberg water, carboy


2023 Marine navigation lights


2023 Photograph. A subject attempts to communicate with a mammal. And vice versa.

Sesame, open yourself

2022 Exhibition at the Kenderdine Art Gallery, University of Saskatchewan. Curated by Leah Taylor, with curatorial assistance by Cole Thompson. Exhibition essay by Rose Bouthillier. Images by Carey Shaw Photography and courtesy of the artist. ...


2021-22 70 empty medical grade oxygen cylinders


2022 portable speaker, soundbites collected during cylinder transport. 08:57 min, looped


2022 dog toys on loan


2022 two thermostats, aluminum housing


2021 front end vehicle cover, dental mould, clamp


2020 American Eagle Outfitters t-shirts, wood crate

pinky swear

2022 altered ratchet tie-down

the good keeper

2022 altered ratchet tie-down

what does the future hold?

2020 flipped over ouija board


2022 sunburnt rubber baseball plate, ground spikes


2022 a tin can of sesame oil, released on the night of the exhibition opening

grand opening

2020 ribbons, toilet paper dispensers

Celebrate Alex Collection

2020 Sound installation with portable speaker. 1:00 min looped.

American Eagle Outfitters

2020- Stacked T-shirts, damaged wall covered in newspaper and paint primer.

Work (wandered into the Habitat for Humanity ReStore one day and some teddy bears showed me a version of the future)

2020 Inkjet print, 10″ x 13″


2019 Performance with background audio of my mom and I in 1984

Tunnel, Air, Mother

2019 Presented at the Dunlop Art Gallery, Sherwood branch, a library gallery located in suburban corner of Regina, SK.   Exhibition essay by curator Jennifer Matotek.   Review by Nic Wilson at Peripheral Review.


2019 My mother’s electric blanket, LED lights


2019 My mother’s pill bottles, steel cabinet

Operation (Classic and Contemporary)

2019 Altered board games

Baby Powder

2019 Baby powder, medicine cabinet

Candle series

2019 Crayon and acrylic on paper, 26″ x 20″ each

Drawings from the past

2019 Crayon and acrylic on paper, 78” x 60” each.


2019 Found object from my body.

Emotion Wand

2019 Video documentation of an object in performance.   Glow sticks were cracked and activated in their packaging during open studios at the Vermont Studio Center.  Performing object lasts for 8 hours.

Sole Salvation

2019 An installation with objects found in Johnson, Vermont.  It includes a foot massager, stress balls, emotion wand, and a prayer wall adapted from the product description of Brawny paper towel.

Your Hog Has Arrived

2019 Presented at PAVED Arts in Saskatoon.


2018 Installation and video documentation of a performance. Curated by Rose Bouthillier and presented as part of the RBC Emerging Artist Series at Remai Modern in Saskatoon. Photo: Blaine Campbell  


2018 Video, 60 second excerpt of 60 minute video. Documentation of a performance in my kitchen, where I stare down at this stainless steel egg timer for 60 minutes straight.


2018 Neon, aluminum.  Documents, an 8-foot-tall neon sculpture, was installed at ACRE Projects Gallery as part of a group exhibition, Double Gaze.  It was later installed at a second Chicago venue, 6018North for the group exhibition, Living Architecture. ...

Egg II

2018 Chalk on cardboard tray, 12″ x 12″.

Point of Origin

2018 Inkjet print, 30″ x 40″ each.  Series of 20.

Notes That Bind Us

2018 Zip ties, masking tape. 1 – 150 notations that can be arranged in various dimensions.


2017 Video, 10:00.

Mystery Box

2017 A mystery box, curated by my friend respectfulchild.  They had $100 budget to fill the box with things from a thrift store in Saskatoon.  I then mailed the box without knowing what was inside ...

New Balance

2017 Projection of a video titled, Brush Strokes (Night and Day), mapped onto a New Balance shoebox, which sits on top of an Adidas shoebox.

Beginning at the Centre Press Out Towards Edge

2017 Works on paper, 10.5” x 14” each. Collage made with scraps from vinyl backing.

Full Circle

2017 Vinyl, vinyl backing, scotch tape. The final measurement of deer antlers in my preceding work, Trophy, came to be 1,114″.  I used this number to project a vinyl shadow.  The back of the vinyl ...


2017 Skinned Wisconsin branches, trophy tape

Miles to Go (before I sleep)

2017 Celine Dion cassette tape, looped audio, fan, unpainted drywall, blue tape and a pencil. In this installation, I’ve cut out a portion of the cassette tape from Celine’s Let’s Talk About Love album.  This physical ...


2017 05:42 video projected onto paper towels.


2017 Inkjet print, 40″ x 60″ each

Sunday Chilli

2017-ongoing collection. Aluminum cans

Leave No Stone Unturned

2017 Toilet tank lids

Brush Strokes (Night and Day)

2017 Video, 02:45. In this video, I focus on the mundane activity of tooth brushing through a skewed perspective. The notion of brushstrokes, most decidedly associated with painting, is imposed against the backdrop of the everyday, ...

Wheels on the Bus

2017 Video, 00:40 (loop). In this video, I use the function of a distance measurer and the function of loop in video editing to arrive at no particular destination. This futile, circular motion through a ...


2017 Video, 02:20

YOBWR America

2017 Inkjet print, 30″ x 40″

Length of Gravity

2017 Slinkies, screws, gravity, 54″ x 3″ x 3″ and 50″ x 3″ x 3″

Day Without Immigrants

2017 Oven elements

All Purpose

2017 Flour, oven elements, spray paint, resin

Distress Signal

2016 Projected still image, 7 ft x 10 ft

Currency Exchange

2016 Archival dye sublimation on aluminum, 20″ x 24″ each. Starting with a 100 Canadian dollar bill, I went to the bank and exchanged it for its US counterpart only to exchange it back to ...


2016 Video, 00:46

Muscle Memory

2015-2017. Images collected on my way to and from my day job at the library

Home-made Gradient


Beer Pong


One Hit Wonder




Waiting Game


Blank Fortune


Horizontal Studies


Vertical Studies


The World is Uneven


Toilet Paper




Instant Rainbow


(at) Arm’s Length


String Cheese I






Magic Carpet


Takeout Box